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Fuck yourself

You guys are fucking retarded. You're whats wrong with Redskin fans. Eat dicks you know nothing homos.

Nonya D. Business.

This is what happens when any asshole, know nothing fan can make his own website. In the words of Jabar Gaffney "Go kill yourself". You obviously have no clue.


Not a Redskin fan but I had to come on here and post my support for getting them out of there. It's clear that they have no intention of winning football games and it's proven by the RB situation. Roy Helu has almost trippled the yards of Torain and now Choice yet he won't get consistent touches. I read a great quote today. "If you did your job as well as Mike Shanahan you would be fired immediately"

It's a disgrace to football.

He doesn't care about winning.


dont fire the shanahans they are the only thing keeping us going the coaching staff is great if anything fire gano!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mike Shanahan is a LEGEND!! Kyle Shanahan fuckin SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greg Hopkins

who else is going to coach the team? your owner is the problem, buy the team from him. if you can do that maybe a top coach would take the job. until than, it's not going to get better than what you have.

Patrick LeStrange

Gano's job is to kick, period. He has failed to do his job repeatedly since becoming a Redskin. The reason he still has a job is because the head coach isn't doing his. If he was, he would have been fired last season. In short, Shanahan is the reason we lost to Dallas. Shanahan knows how unreliable Gano is and has chosen to keep him anyway. Shanahan is fully responsible every time he allows Gano to take the field. Fire Shanahan today!


Anus Mud Tine

NFL fan

In the words of Dana " mike Shanahan is a legend"

But someone said " giving twitter to professional athletes is like giving a machine gun to a monkey"


You are all stupid as shit if you blame our loss on Gano.. Gano missed a 41 yard field goal, and that happens, sure he should've made that one, but every kicker misses those every once and awhile. Now if you are mad at him for missing a fucking 52 yard field goal to win the gam in OT, you are dumb as shit. Barely any kicker would make that long of a field goal with that pressure. If anything blame the offense for being unable to gain some extra yards, making it an easier kick for a young kicker like Gano. You are all uneducated dumbasses.

Lt Keefer

It's not the Shanahans, it's the lack of talent on the offensive side of the ball.

Daryl C.

Not a Redskins fan and never have been. Are you kidding me? Mike Shanahan is a hell of a coach. With the talent you are putting on the field, Shanahan is why you have won any games and been in the others. Seems to me that there has been a long line of struggling and the most common denominator is sitting in the owners suite.

Joe Bowltard

yo tards....the problem is the entire organization..it is littered with losers..player, coaches, owner, fans etc..all losers..it's hilarious...how can you win when no one in the organization knows winning..don't give me the shanaplan's..they clearly can't win...complete joke how bad this team is and the idiots support them....legendary stupid...they should sell a season ticket plan of 4 games...since their season ends in october every year...


Wow, I am slightly disturbed by how HYPED UP the Redskins fanbase is on Shanahan. Don't you guys know what a laughing stock this coach is now considered by everyone who isn't you? Shanahan lost his damn mind - and any ability to win - years ago. He keeps swapping out players like he is running lottery numbers, instead of admitting its his coaching and his play calling that is losing games.

Maybe the Redskins would be contenders, if Shanahan was kicked to the curb. Then again, you would still have the problem of your arrogant owner - Dan Snyder - so maybe there is no hope.


Frm a Cowboy fan: Please keep the coach..........we enjoy beating them every time


after seeing post on twitter i understand Gaffney being mad about the game and after all he did say it to a Dallas fan, but we have an IR player Jarvis Jenkins who is being payed to sit on his, tweet kill urself to a Redskins fan earlier in the season. As usual after a loss the normal routine for the players, go to twitter and post about how much better they will be the next week. Jarvis tweeted about how the skins would win next week, an upset fan expressed how he was tired of hearing it every week, jarvis laughed at the fan telling him "deuces" which in turn upset the fan even more with Jarvis expressing how much he could care less. Fan tweeted back and Jarvis told the fan to kill himself. Are these guys not educated enough to know that they should ignore it? They are professionals, but certainly dont act professional. Can we get the players to put in as much effort on the field as they do on twitter? someone i follow posted a caption of the conversation, here is the link



people get a life....it's fuckin football. dont' get me wrong i love the nfl and football in general but it's a game people..for entertainment purposes..jeez


I think Shanny can be blamed for the poor play. He doesn't have the best talent but he also isn't putting his best team on the field. There is 100% no reason that Helu shouldn't be the every down back and there is nothing anyone can say to defend that. Helu has outplayed Torain and Choice 10 fold when he has the ball. Maybe the Skins still lose to the Cowboys with Helu in but he would have at least given them a fighting chance. Maybe he gets them into better field position and an extra field goal makes OT unnecessary. Shanahan is embarrassing himself every game and everyone knows it. If you watched the gamecast, even the announcers were wondering why Helu wasn't getting any playing time. Shanahan is getting paid millions to do one thing: put the best team on the field and he isn't. It's not the coaches fault to lose if a team is in the best position to win and doesn't and that isn't happening. I wouldn't want Shanahan coaching my kid's pop warner team at this point.


Mike Shanahan is a legend like Rex Grossman is a good quarterback. They had good moments and they've both been given too much credit. The Redskins are done this year. And better, half their team are jackasses in denial. "we're going to get our shit together"? you haven't won a game in six weeks. you should have got your shit together then. As for the rest, you'll be lucky to win one more. Your season is done.






vagina penis!!!!
meat wipe!!!


Who cares!? the Cowboys and the Redskins aren't going to win the NFC East anyway--the Eagles are, so it really doesn'tmatter what their fans or their players think. GAffney should have lightened up on the man, though..


Nascar season is over now so hopefully Joe Gibbs will walk out on the feild sunday, kick shannahan's ass and take his headset away, right in the middle of the game.

Greg Suarez

Keep Mike Shanahan, absolutely fire Little Shanahan. KS is a disgrace as an OC.

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